Manage websites using only your thumb?

Posted Nov 24th, 2014 in Inspiration, Website Technology

Manage websites using only your thumb?

Is it possible to manage an entire website using only your thumb?

It's a question I had asked myself more than two years ago for the first time – and maybe even a hundred times since. But it wasn't because I wanted to say I built a content management system that requires only the use of your thumb on a mobile device. That wouldn't be enough for me. Which is what makes this endeavor even more worthwhile.

I wanted to create an experience and somehow I just knew that my customers wanted to experience a content management system that for a change would be easy enough for them. So, what would be easier then being able to manage your website using only your thumb on a mobile device. That would be worthwhile, wouldn't it? I mean, imagine standing in line at Starbucks and suddenly you had an idea about something you want to put on your website. If you could do it, right there while you were waiting in line to buy your Caramel Macchiato, wouldn't that be a great experience?

In the last 10 years, I can't tell you how many frustrated customers walked in my door ready to pull their hair out. Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and other content management systems were creating a stress epidemic. By then, my team and I had created countless content management systems for ourselves and I must admit, it wasn't without failure. Or at least in my mind some of them had been failures. Oh sure they were functional, and once I taught my customers how to use it… They got along okay.

However, when the lights finally went on and I launched the first version of our Evolving CMS, something told me we were headed in the right direction. Our multi site content management system might have even been among the first, but there was no question in our minds that it was the first evolving technology platform ever developed to support websites. This content management system was subject to change – daily even. This software grew by about 500 to even 2000 lines of code weekly.

What was taking the experts on WordPress 45 minutes to accomplish, was taking a mere five minutes for my customers. Our demonstrations took only 20 minutes, but 90% of the time our customers were sold in the first three minutes. Then, the iPhone was invented and everything began to change yet again. I hated how are websites looked on those tiny screens… pinching and zooming - Oh how frustrating! We quickly changed the way we were doing things – building mobile and then responsive websites.

So what about developers? Enter Responsive CMS

Another question… here we go again but this ride would be even a greater adventure. By then we had a few web design companies and advertising agencies using our content management system for their websites and for their customers websites. That was our ticket to a whole new challenge – Enter Responsive CMS. With just 6 days, 4 hours, 6 minutes and 44 seconds to go we are ready to launch something that is going to catapult the web design industry.

If you're a web developer using Joomla!, Drupal, or WordPress, I recommend taking a long hard look at your content management system and ask your self why it takes you 45 minutes to accomplish what amateurs accomplish on our system in just five minutes.

Don't believe me? Then click the "See For Yourself" button at the bottom of this page and bookmark the PieCMS. Then go back in six days and see for yourself! :-)


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