The Ultimate Workplace

Posted Jan 24th, 2014 in Inspiration

The Ultimate Workplace

A Private Library

If you could have a private library, a place to work, a place to brainstorm and free your imagination - would be a place like this? Personally, a building like this in my backyard, would be the ultimate workplace and I might not come home so early.

This was Andrew Berman's dream project. Andrew - a remarkable New York architect was commissioned to design a writing studio in Long Island. Taking on the challenge, he created a wonderful workplace surrounded it in a sea of foliage.

I'm confident that you are going to enjoy this video and even imagine a workplace like this for yourself.

You can learn more about Andrew Berman at

Directed & Produced by David Vegezzi
Cinematography by Ben Wolf
Edited by Carsten Becker
Music by Circle of Sound
© 2008


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