De-commoditizing your Product/Service

Posted Dec 4th, 2013 in Inspiration

De-commoditizing your Product/Service

An excellent way of putting yourself way ahead of your competition is to inject something into your product that nobody else can. By injecting a unique gift or yourself or your personality into your product or service, you are "de-commoditizing" your product or service and immediately providing your company with something your competitor can't compete with and that is "YOU". At, we've been doing this all along.

Our chief programmer has a unique gift that provides him insight that increases the strength and quality of his code. His unique ability to problem solve makes it very difficult for our competitors to code like These qualities, which by the way, are very difficult to find in programmers are injected into our product every time he puts his fingers to the keyboard.

Our Director of Design has a unique understanding as to how first time website visitors respond to the design of the website. This is undoubtedly one of his strongest gifts. So without fail, this gift has been injected into every visual aspect of the websites launched here daily. There is even a little bit of his personality inside our content management system.

My personal need for simplicity combined with my passion for technology have also availed a gift for me. As the person in charge of improving our intelligent content management system, I've been tasked to build the most intuitive content management system ever built. Because of my vision for our product, this gift gets injected into our product every day.  My goal is that our content management system would be so simple to use that by it's mere appearance you understand how to use it. And so it is!

Nobody can compete with being you! So inject YOU into your product and you've immediately eliminated the competition. Let's face it, that would be like trying to farm eggs without chickens.

But there's more to this interesting consideration…

There's a new buzz talk that is going around town here in the Niagara about our company. In fact – one of our partners in charge of Business Development, was recently sharing with the rest of the team, that he had a conversation with a respected individual of a government-funded organization here in St. Catherines just last week. He had suggested that there are no other website design companies like ours in the Niagara or at least none that are helping their customers to refine their content to be more effective. It is part of our DNA – part of who we are, that we do what we can to ensure the success of our customers websites. has been doing this all along.

Of course, many of our competitors design and build websites. Some better than others. They're also providing very similar services, but refining their customers message to be more effective is not one of them.

More than anything, refining content to be more effective is not just a skill, it comes from a gift, deeply embedded in the personality of an individual. For some, this gift would be more apparent in them than others. That is exactly the case with respect to the team. Our VP of Operations has another talent besides organizing and streamlining our operations. And that's "Making the Message Effective". Oh, I would agree that that gift was probably already there, but as she has had time to work and understand some of our customers needs, the need for this gift has begun to be more powerful to our customers online presence.

We've often seen our competitors following us around at Business/Tech Shows and even some of the presentations that we've given at the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce. They've looked at our technology, commented on some of our techniques and in some cases suggested that there were even better ways. But they're not doing them and they continue to follow us around. Our Director of Design even said while chuckling under his breath, that he's flattered! Nevertheless, I believe it's because our competitors just don't realize that our product has become de-commoditized. By injecting our gifts and personalities into our product, we continue to create incredible websites with the most intuitive content management system our customers can find.

In short – you can't farm eggs without chickens and you don't have to be a genius to recognize intelligence.


Don Cormier (President of


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